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i offically have three friends

i feel like i dont have any friends any more. well, any friends who respect me. i cant make new friends, i can't keep old friends. there is no one i can talk to who i can trust 100%. seriously. the people i want to talk to either wouldn't care, or would tell everyone else. not that i'm concerned about my social standings....i dont have any. i just feel so lonely and sad. i dont know whats going on anymore. my classes are going alright but im about to start getting behind. i dont have whats going on with my relationship. i dont know what im going to be doing this summer. i dont want to sit here and type out these complaints that no one will read.
last night just made me so sad. last year brett was the gay guy that everyone loved. and this year i thought it was me. but no, its not. i was completely rejected at this party for the new gay. and it makes me sad. i was just manipulated with implied free alcohol so i could drive these girls back and forth to a party. i did this before and both times they dont listen to me when i say i want to go. so now i'm calling it off. no more parties. i usually have more fun by myself anyway. i hate living on campus. last night i was so sad to move but now i cant wait. i also need to write my biology paper and study for calculus.
the (unhappy) end.
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