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an interesting conversation


amurphy0921: I'm not even selling mexican babies
forkboy11: i was just putting the price into perspective
amurphy0921: You don't know the price list yet!
forkboy11: maybe i should just go play with my parents gun
amurphy0921: yeah, it's probably lonely
forkboy11: hello little bullets.....want to come out and play?
forkboy11: wee, let's have fun!
amurphy0921: lol
forkboy11: wow that was scary
amurphy0921: did playing with your gun make it get all excited and start shooting everywhere?
forkboy11: the bullets went fast....
amurphy0921: what did you learn?
forkboy11: always listen to adam?
amurphy0921: really?
amurphy0921: wow, I told you to do it
amurphy0921: LOL
forkboy11: but you didnt tell the bullets to kill my neighbor
amurphy0921: =))
amurphy0921: *roft*
amurphy0921: no
amurphy0921: no I didn't
forkboy11: i will just tell the cop exactly what happened
forkboy11: the bullets came out to play and got a little too excited and flew right into his face to say hello and give him a kiss
amurphy0921: They won't throw you in Jail for that
amurphy0921: nope, no Jail at all
forkboy11: and then he said, "i need a labotamy....can you help me, bullets?" and they said, "sure!" and went inside his face to his brain
amurphy0921: *slowly backs out of the room*
forkboy11: long story short, they found the lost cat but my neighbor was dead
forkboy11: the end
amurphy0921: .........
forkboy11: the bullets found the cat
forkboy11: anyway

the end.
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