Peter (forkboy11) wrote,

Day One

I've considered the Master Cleanse a few times. The research I've done seems to make sense and add up. I've even talked with a few friends who have done it. So last month I geared up and tried it. I lasted about four hours. It was the diarrhea that got me. It was intense and it didn't stop. So I gave up.
I tried a second time last week, but again, I was foiled by the diarrhea.
Today I make my third attempt at the Master Cleanse. I thought it would be a good idea to blog about my experience, in the hopes it will help propel me through the ten day gauntlet. However, before I could even log-on to livejournal, it happened again. I was sliding into first and I felt something burst.
I also noticed I wasn't mixing enough lemon juice or maple syrup in my cleanse the last two times, so this should be a bit more successful. Or if not, at least a longer lasting experience than the first two times. My goal right now is to make it an entire day on the cleanse.
I'm getting ready to head off to work now. I'll probably check in around 5pm when I come home for my "lunch" break.
So far. So good.
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