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i can't stop singing this song

Whaddaya think they talk about in those quorums they got up there - how
good we are?! So listen up, now! Any second those cops are gonna bust in
here and bust us up like a bunch of overripe canteloupes! So I say as
long as our juice has gotta spill - all over this floor, here - her
juice has gotta spill, to! Cladwell juice! Then we'll see who's better
than who.
Look at here there
All bound up, gagged and tied
With her head full of hair
And her heart full of pride!
Well, boys, I've had enough
Of each arrogant curl!
Bing! Bang! Boom! Let's get tough
Playin' rough -
Snuff that girl!

"Snuff that girl"? But killing people is wrong!

Then why does it feel so right?
Look at us here
In a hole, on the lam
With our hearts full of fear -
What a rip! What a sham!
You know, cops will be here
Bustin' heads mighty quick!
But we'll beat them to the bunch
When we snuff out that chick!
We tried doin' what we should!
Wasn't glad!
Then we learned that feelin' good
Mean's doin' bad!
Nuts, they fall close
So they say, to the tree
Looky here, here's an a-
Corn from Cladwell I see
I say, she is the nut
and of course, we're the squirrel!
She is what we saved for winter
So let's snuff that girl!
This is the end
Roll the dice, place your bets!
In this mis'rable world
That's as good as it gets!
So now, let's live it up
Eat the oyster and the pearl
And let's get this party jumpin'!
Really get it pumpin'!
Get this party jumpin'
Yeah, let's snuff that girl!
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