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if every day i never wrote about was the summary of a dream, here is the month of may:

i heard him open the windows last night and i didn't do anything about it. i ran through a field and it turned into the sky and i flew to the circular rock formation i had read so much about. on top of all the ice cream i decided to eat i put chocolate and marshmellows and peanut butter and caramel but something went bad and i could taste satan on my spoon. the pirates set sail and for some reason never returned; i know you shouldn't trust pirates but i have their gold, why haven't they come back for it? watch out, new york city, there's a giant tape worm devouring little girls, everyone run and find the solutions guide to life. did you know if the path from the parking lot where my car is to the stair case i walk down every morning had one more grain of dirt on it it would collapse into the center of the earth? the korean jesus told me to wash away my sins.
i hope i can grow up and become a sheet of music.

the end.
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