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convo w/casey.....

forkboy11: casey?
whiteboyXC: fork boy?
forkboy11: is this casey?
forkboy11: kringlin?
whiteboyXC: kringlen
whiteboyXC: like the german santa clause plus an n
forkboy11: haha, gotcha
forkboy11: do you know who this is?
whiteboyXC: nope
whiteboyXC: id like to though
whiteboyXC: are you pretty?
forkboy11: not really
whiteboyXC: thats ok
whiteboyXC: i forgive
forkboy11: i dont think you'd remember me, but i've had your sn forever
whiteboyXC: oh...ok, lol
whiteboyXC: how do i know you?
forkboy11: i watched people paint abs on your chest for one long summer
whiteboyXC: haha, nice nice, and you like forks?
forkboy11: its a hobby
whiteboyXC: well a couple people had to witness the abb creation.
whiteboyXC: oh well. how are you?
forkboy11: decent.
forkboy11: and yourself?
whiteboyXC: stressed to the max, but hanging in there
forkboy11: sorry to hear that
forkboy11: that you're stressed out, that is. glad to hear you are hanging in
forkboy11: are you in school?
whiteboyXC: haha, thanks, i did it to myself, overscheduling
whiteboyXC: ya, at chapman university in orange
whiteboyXC: hey, i have to run out for a sec, be back in a few mins
forkboy11: oh cool
forkboy11: ok
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whiteboyXC: back
forkboy11: oh good
whiteboyXC: so in california
whiteboyXC: where are you at?
forkboy11: WWU in bellingham
whiteboyXC: cool, you like it?
forkboy11: yah, it's been good so far
forkboy11: what are you studying down in CA?
whiteboyXC: theatre
whiteboyXC: decided to throw my life into that after footloose
whiteboyXC: but i have come to terms with the fact that i dont really sing, lol
forkboy11: your singing in footloose wasn't that bad
forkboy11: as far as i remember
forkboy11: lol
forkboy11: i love theater, but i know i'm not great at it, so i'm going into biochemistry
whiteboyXC: awesome
whiteboyXC: a noble field
whiteboyXC: the US needs scientists
forkboy11: im actually really excited to go to medical school
forkboy11: so i guess im a nerd
forkboy11: but whatever
whiteboyXC: haha, its great to be excited about something you like
whiteboyXC: im jealous in a way
forkboy11: are you not excited about theater?
forkboy11: or is it too late to turn back?
whiteboyXC: no no, im really really excited, i just left a lot of academia behind, im pretty damn smart, lol, and it hurts to leave behind that potential...but i still get to use my brain
forkboy11: awesome. i will keep my eyes out for you
forkboy11: when you're famous
forkboy11: and then in 10 years i'll mail my footloose dvd to vh1
whiteboyXC: haha, don't you dare, lol
whiteboyXC: i dont htink i have watched that whole thing
forkboy11: i know i haven't
whiteboyXC: i should
forkboy11: but i still sing some of those songs in the shower every once in a while
whiteboyXC: haha, me too, me too
whiteboyXC: so how is life other than school and such, still hang out with any footloose folks? getting married anytime soon?...jk, enjoying college life?
forkboy11: cassidy and i were thinking of auditioning for footloose at a theater in idaho a few months ago
forkboy11: i still talk to a few of those kids. school's going better than bad. and getting married wouldn't be so bad
whiteboyXC: so you and cassidy are friends? cool cool, and better than bad is good i guess, lol
forkboy11: actually, i was surprized at how easy the adjustment from high school to college was
forkboy11: everything felt really natural
whiteboyXC: ya, its not too bad
forkboy11: how about yourself? getting married?
whiteboyXC: haha, no, i wish, jk, just the usual boys, well not really, that stopped, but now just waiting for one in LA to figure out he wants to date me, then il be set for marriage
forkboy11: hahaha
forkboy11: i hope you get what you want
whiteboyXC: haha, thanks, then call cameron and tell him so, jk
forkboy11: i'll make a phone call if you make a phone call
forkboy11: lol
whiteboyXC: haha, is there someone you need called on your behalf?
forkboy11: maybe....
forkboy11: there's a guy i've been seeing down in seattle
forkboy11: and i would love to get married
whiteboyXC: oh, wow, very cool, and not fair, but still cool
forkboy11: not fair?
forkboy11: we are both seeing people, lol
forkboy11: that seems pretty even
whiteboyXC: no no, im not relaly seeing mine yet
whiteboyXC: hes older, he just got out of a big relationship, so its going relaly slow and i hate not knowing if it might slip nto friend mode
whiteboyXC: hes so cute, and not immature, cuase hes no young, lol, but thats ok, and he has puppies, i miss my dogs
forkboy11: i'm sorry
forkboy11: what kind of dogs do you have?
forkboy11: i'm seeing an older guy as well
whiteboyXC: my doggies in seattle are cuties, one a black lab mix, teh other a britney spaniel mix
whiteboyXC: how old is your mr mr? lol
forkboy11: oh fun
forkboy11: he is....older
forkboy11: it's just for fun, i dont expect anything to come from it, lol
whiteboyXC: but you would get married? lol
forkboy11: not to him, lol
whiteboyXC: how old is this guy? jk, you dong have to say
whiteboyXC: lol, haha, nice
forkboy11: 26
forkboy11: i miss having big dogs,
forkboy11: i have disowned the dogs my parents have right now; miniture german schousers
whiteboyXC: mines 26 too, lol
forkboy11: funny.....
whiteboyXC: oh, lol
forkboy11: maybe we are being double played by the same fellow
forkboy11: chris does go down to CA on business a lot
whiteboyXC: haha
whiteboyXC: possibly
whiteboyXC: haha
whiteboyXC: maybe
forkboy11: you can have him
whiteboyXC: thanks
whiteboyXC: lol
forkboy11: anytime
forkboy11: well im about to crash
forkboy11: it was nice to hear from you though
forkboy11: best of luck
whiteboyXC: thanks, me too, off to bed
whiteboyXC: have a good night
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